Our artists are amazing & we are proud to feature their art work on our website. You can buy thier art directly from them or use us a s facilitator. We DO NOT charge any fees to buy our artist work. All sales are 100% their profit.
We thank you in advance for supporting our artists!
{All Artist have different muses & styles of creation.We support All of our Artist. We must advise our clients that some images may not be suitable for all audiances}

Brock Rutherford

I one day aspire to be an art teacher. I have always enjoyed makeing art work and would like to share my knowledge with the next generation of artists.
My prefered medium is chalk pastels. you do not have to wait for it to dry like paint but they blend colors in a similar way. Most of my art is vibrantly colored sureal imagery. Occastionaly I create much less colorfull
images with larger concepts behind them.

Earlyer in my years as an artist I would useally only draw with graphite in a small sketch book but during my college expirence i have started createing much larger more intrancte images. I am currently working toward geting a position in Art Education, seself portrait for an advanced drawing class, Pattern and ornamentation project for an advanced drawing class, abstract face, pattern and ornamentation, chalk pastel, shapes on a 3d plain project for foundation drawing, Tempera paint on canvas this was my final project for figure drawing 2


     Erin Nesmith is a self-taught, adroit artist born and raised in the city of Rochester NY.  She is a recent graduate of Genesee Community College with a degree in Accounting, although Erin has always excelled in art. It was not until college she decided to embrace her inner muse and use her personal life experiences to create the most exquisite art. She broke all barriers of what is considered “inappropriate” or “explicit” by embracing the femininity of art! She plans to use her business background and fashion knowledge to help her launch her first lingerie line in the summer of 2017 alongside collaborative artwork, ENesmith Art.

Embracing the Femininity of Art

Sierra Jayne Trost

Sierra is a lifelong creator who just recently realized that you don’t need permission to call yourself an artist. She loves to create surreal, imaginative and playful pieces that prominently feature unusual media combinations such as ballpoint pen and oil pastel. She likes to think that her works tell a distinct story through their mixing of realistic and fantastical elements, and also likes to think that birds are the greatest animals on earth. She’s slightly obsessed with dragons, vibrant colors and rocks, and hopes to make art her full time job (despite what parents have to say about the “impossibility” of this dream). She just graduated from high school and intends to begin properly launching her business over the next few months.

Diary of a Hungry Artist

Elisabeth Freeman 

The Hungry Artist is completely unexpected. Owned by Fairport native Elisabeth Freeman. Hungry Artist  illustrates the food of her childhood. Her fun and quirky perspective of nutritious foods, with thoughtful notes, are sure to captivate you and hopefully get kids eating their broccoli for breakfast.
Her hunger is her dedicated passion to create more Art and inspire others. Elisabeth lives a simple art-FULL life as an artist, teacher, writer and adventurer. Hungry Artist is here to help you get creative and live your dreams beyond the tallest trees. 
She loves dancing to the beat of her heart, art journaling, walking through Nature, eating vegetables, meaningful conversations and laughing everyday as much as possible.

"When I’m not doing something or going somewhere I deeply value down to earth time with family, close friends, and at times I need to be in my own company.

I’m the creator of a series of workshops that encourages creativity for all ages, because it's never too soon or too late to be an artist. From my playful art labs to my whimsy mixed media workshops and art journal jams, all are bound to be inspired.

Having fun, learning to let go, and not being afraid to cover up my paintings have become essential to my creative process. I delight in mixing all sorts of materials in my artwork-acrylics, spray paint, pastels, oils, watercolors, paper, glitter, vintage sheet music, wallpaper, and other random findings in Nature.

My hope is  that in sharing my art and experiences as an artist, others might be inspired to let down their walls and share their passion.

P.S.- Am I hungry?.... Yes, especially for veggies. Don't be surprised to find me with a mouthful of kale."

-Elisabeth Freeman, Diary of a Hungry Artist

 Mystical Zodiac Coloring Book 
Limited Edition

​$10.00 plus shipping!
​Limited Edition!

Riley DiMora is one of C.O.C's youngest emerging artists! We have featured her work in many of our C.O.C events and are happy to be a proud producer and supporter of her first coloring book.

Using her eclectic style and vision, Riley captures the 12 Zodiac signs like never before. Each page is uniquely hers, every attention to detail has been made to amaze and mesmerize you.

Each copy includes 12 pages of Zodiac signs and adjoining pages with Zodiac info.  Great for coloring or keep as a unique art piece.

Each copy will also include a personalized, hand-written autograph from Riley herself!

This LIMITED EDITION coloring book will not be produced again!  Jump on your opportunity to purchase this exclusive Coloring Book by Riley DiMora.

Each book is $15 plus $2.95 Media Mail shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.!  We will gladly ship to other countries, please email before purchase.