Fundraiser Product Development Director
Fundraiser Events  with C.O.C.
 Have you been looking for a new element to add to your fundraising activities?
C.O.C. offers a fresh & innovative ideas to raise money for your cause?

Art has long been a sucessful product for fundraising. We know that art invokes people to give and the idea of "art" is mainstream with auctions & fundraising.
Fundraising events these days means you have to be creative and that also means putting as many elements as you can together to make that event entertaining, memorable and the most important of all is profitable.

 Coloring On Canvas is the Ultimate Solution to a Sucessful, Innovative & Memorable Fundraiser !!!
  1. The Goal is to Raise Money
  2. C.O.C. Prides its self in assisting our Clientele with the endless Monetary Gains of our product
  3. Our Spin on Donations
  4. For For For...C.O.C. Customized Illustrations can fit ANY Cause
  5. Money, Gain, & Success!!!
  6. Victor Band Booster Club Auction & Fundraiser Event w/ C.O.C.
  7. International Awareness for Denim Day on the 27th April Every Year
  8. Our 3 feet by 4 feet Park Ave Fest Canvas
  9. Pirate Kids Fund - kids canvas
  10. Larger than Life C.O.C. Customized Illustration for the Lilac Fest 2016
  How is this beneficial to your organization?
Our Product is always a One-of-a-Kind Illustration an Artist Masterpiece
Created Just for You!
With C.O.C. You Have NO LIMITS
So many organizations create fundraiser every day. How many of these organizations actually have original ideas for their fundraisers?

The causes may be different, the color scheme and style of the gala or events may differ. However, the basics structure of the fundraisers always seem to stay the same.

This is where we come in. Coloring On Canvas, LLC. has created an entire division dedicated to ONE-OF-A-KIND Fundraisers.

Our innovative artist fundraiser team i sdedicated soley to the evolution of Fundraiser Idea. We help organization like your bring New, Ecletic, Interactive Activity to your next Fundraiser Events.

Our clientele include Non-Profits Organizations, Global Awareness Campaigns, Corporate Fundraisers, University Fundraiser Galas just to name a few. All of these organizations are able to bring their patrons something New, Innovative, & Artistic; that has not been seen before.

We pride our selves in our ability to maintain and continue to astonish out cliens with each new and event.