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Junior Girl Scout Programs (Grades 4th-5th)
Coloring On Canvas offers Brownie Girl Scouts the opportunity to earn official badges and Fun Badges. Brownies can earn a variety of badges from a GS Outdoor Art Explorer *New* to a Cultivation Exploration BADGES. We are continuously creating new programs to match the GS badge requirments. All supplies are included and girls have access to our plethora of inspiring materials to enrich each badges journey.

Girl Scout leaders can schedule the following programs for their troops to complement art, gardening, creative & business related Girl Scout badge requirements.
Programs are available Thursdays 6–7:30pm and Saturdays 10–11:30am, summer through fall and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Registration is pre-required.

$13 per girl, leader or participant. Badges are not included in program fee. Siblings may attend as participants (not recommended for ages under 5 years).

These program sessions are 1.5 hours and groups must have a minimum of 10 participants.

Drawing Badge -In this badge, you’ll learn techniques to make your drawings even better— which will make seeing what your imagination can do even more fun.C.O.C. has many talented teachers who specialize in vasious drawing styles. We have Amine, Animation, Illustration, Chalk & more... We will customize this badge class to your specific requests.
This session is 1.5 hours.

Jeweler Badge -Explore the design process by making jewelry. Collavanni is one of Coloring On Canvases owner and she is a International Jewelry Designer. She has ddebuted at NYC fashion Week. She teaches this badge class to help the girls get ther Jeweler Badge but to also allow them to truly learn the art of jewlery making. Create it for yourself or give to other people. Try this badge and you’ll have something wonderful to wear in no time.
This session is 1.5 hours.

Social Butterfly -Have you ever found yourself in a group or place where you didn’t know how to act? It happens to everyone. In this badge, have fun practicing the social style and good manners that will make you comfortable in any situation! This may be by far Coloring On Canvas's FAVORITE BADGE!!! We love to role play act and everything that will help you gain confidents, insight and have fun learning the ins & outs of being a truly sucessful Social Butterfly!!!
This session is 1 hours

Product Designer Badge -A product is anything developed by one person for another. An innovation is an invention that improves people’s lives, like a smartphone or waterproof fabric for a tent. In this badge, you can be the product designer. Junior Scouts will be given various items to re-purpose in there very own design and style. the items must be altered no less that 30% to be deamed their own design. The girls will have fun creatinve and being innovative in ways they didnt know they could be.
This session is 1.5 hours

Gardener Badge  - Junior Scouts will assemble a mini Fairy Garden while working on solving a mystery.  Junior Scouts will be given multiple clues to use as evidence.  This program is sure to get your Girl Scouts engaged; practicing local thinking and looking for patterns.  The girls will put their skills into practice as they solve The Artful Fairy Mystery!
This session is 1 hours

Detective Badge  - Junior Scouts will assemble a multi media piece of art. They will be using varies materials to create their very own masterpiece on a 12"x12"painting canvas. Not all art is painted and not all paintings use paint. See what cool & mysterious fun they can have working on solving a mystery. Junior Scouts will be given multiple clues to use as evidence. This program is sure to get your Girl Scouts engaged; practicing local thinking and looking for patterns.The girls will put their skills into practice as they solve The C.O.C. Mystery!
This session is 1 hours

Troop leaders, please give us a call for pricing and detailed information at 703.989.7722