Youth Art & Community Enrichment Programs

These products are designed for both youth & adults. Our ability to be extremely flexible allows for us to create the most amazing & memorable experiences for everyone involved.
We prodive our clientele with quality paint pens to color in the canvases. Thus, your illustration is indeed a true painting created by many.

My goal for Coloring On Canvas's relationships with Community Youth Council, Youth Art Programs & Community Enrichment Programs is to create opportunities for youth to be part of ART. Art is just one way that our company is able to enrich the lives of youth in the community. Our main objective is to help these organizations raise money to continue their programs & outreach projects. We also employee new emerging artists. Our goal is the show Everyone that Art can be a career. And with the proper assistant through our Artist Development Program we teach the necessary skills need to be successful & to create a professional portfolio. We are more than just a artistic company. We see the need for leaders, mentors and opportunities.

  1. Fundraiser w/ Individual Canvases
    We create customized illustrated canvases for any type of event and theme. This product is reduced in price significantly so that it can be used as a fundraiser product. The intent is for your organization to up sale the canvases. Your up sale price is of course up to you. I can suggest prices for all sizes. The canvas sizes range from 4"x4" to 8"x10" in regards to this fundraising platform.
    USD $10.00 & up -sizes ranging from 4"x4" - 12"x12"
  2. Fundraiser with Large Canvases
    This products usage is very versatile. One of the main options I suggest is the creation of an illustration that represents your fundraisers cause. It is best utilized in a actually fundraising event, gala or other large events. The concept is for people to donate to color in the illustrated canvas. Hence, taking part in an interactive activity & being part the artwork; while donating to the cause. This can then be followed up with an auction of the finished art piece.
    USD $449.00 & up -Sizes ranging3ft x 3ft up to 5ft x 4 ft
  3. Team Building Workshops
    Team building exercises create dialog, develops shared goals, interdependence, trust, commitment and accountability among team members. We provide groups with a variety of successful art based projects including puzzle canvases, painting, mixed media, murals, mosaics, bookmaking, collage, jewelry designing & more. These product of course is customized & extremely different for each Team Building Workshops. Pricing varies by number of participants.
    USD $400.00 & up
  4. Fun World Canvas Activities
    Our products are without limits. By that I mean we can create endless Fun activities that are Innovative & Interactive. We are not limited to just utilizing paint on our canvases. We have designed an array of art mediums to be used on various canvases. In this since of the word "canvas" for us a canvas is not limited to the ones we traditionally use. No, a canvas can be a wall, material, people, paper, concrete & literally any surface that will all a medium to adhere to it. We have created a number of innovative activities that will enrich & entertain everyone.
    USD$ 220.00 & up -Size ranging2ft x 3ft & up